About Us

Unity Umrah was founded by Ammar Ibn Yassir an ambitious young man, with the aim of bringing brothers together towards deen, fitness and business through the spirit of Umrah.

Our Mission

1. Helping brothers achieve their goals.

We're not here to just provide brothers with the lifetime experience of Umrah, we're here to help them achieve any specific goals whether it's deen, fitness or finance.

2. Building long-term brotherhood and connections.

We want to foster a community of like-minded brothers who strive to improve together as Muslims. A brotherhood that's born before the trip and lasts long after.

3. Fostering an ecosystem of Muslim businesses.

Our aim is to promote and help Muslim entrepreneurs grow their businesses. Through seminars, events and meetups Unity Umrah acts as a platform pushing brothers towards financial freedom.

4. Uniting goal-driven communities both in Ireland and globally.

We are striving to create an abundant network of goal-driven communities both in Ireland and abroad. A network taking you to the next level.